Dog Bar Pottery

Poviding wood fired pottery
to the ceramic community since 1992

Dog Bar Pottery
35  Perry  Hill  Road  Ext.   
Westhampton, Massachusetts 01027
Telephone: (413) 320-6283
The wood fired and salt glazed finishes are durable, long lasting and dish-washer safe. Our pottery is hand made and wheel thrown, made from stoneware and porcelain clay.HomeAboutPotteryKilnPicture

Dog Bar Gallery #cs-18

cs18 Four Fluted Vases
 12"h x 3"w x 3"l.
Thrown and altered stoneware.
Avery, tile 6, alberta slip and copper and shino glaze.
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cs03 Magazine Pot, cs05 See Through Vase, cs06 Oval Vase w/ Pepper, cs07 Green Fluted Vase, cs08 Oval Vase w/ Seed Pods, cs09 Magazine Pot, cs10 Oval Vase Green, cs11 Bottle, cs12 Dog Hook, cs13-Houses by Emmett & Zeb Lollis Taylor, cs 14 Faceted Oval, cs15 Willow Leafcs16 Oval Vasecs17 Skylinecs18 Four Fluted Vases, cs19 Oval Vasebx01 Oval Pour Circle and Squarebx02 Faceted O  al Boxbx03 Serrated Towerbx04 Two Tone Box bx05 Green Box bx06,   bx07bx08bx09bx10