Dog Bar Pottery

Poviding wood fired pottery
to the ceramic community since 1992

Dog Bar Pottery
35  Perry  Hill  Road  Ext.   
Westhampton, Massachusetts 01027
Telephone: (413) 320-6283
The wood fired and salt glazed finishes are durable, long lasting and dish-washer safe. Our pottery is hand made and wheel thrown, made from stoneware and porcelain clay.HomeAboutPotteryKilnPicture
Every Day Gallery
DogBar  Pottery's wood-fired pots are made to be used everyday. We offer bowls, cups, plates, pitchers, tumblers, jars, creamers, butter dishes and platters. Custom orders are welcome.
Below is a sampling of the pots available at the Dog Bar Pottery. These pictures are "thumbnails." If you would like to see a full screen view of the sample with descriptive information, double click on the underlined description below the picture or click on the picture.
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ed01 Dinner Mugsed02 Square Bowls, ed03 Dinner Plate, ed04 Fish Platter, ed05 Fish Pitcher, ed06 Pasta Bowl, ed07 Pasta Bowl, ed08 Jar, ed09 Two Tea Bowls , ed10 Oval Creamer, ed11 Tumblers, ed12 Butter Dish, ed13 Big Fish Dinner plate, ed14 Pepper Plates, ed15 Large Jar, ed16 Faceted Tumblers, ed17 Canister, ed18 Striped Canister, ed19 Willow Leaf Canister, ed20 Faceted Tea Bowls, ed21 Cereal Bowls